SIGALSUB is a modern firm which joins precision workmanship (using advanced technology for mechanical processing) to finishes and hand assemblies allowing quality control for the slightest detail of every product. SIGALSUB goes in for production and marketing of all keens of underwater fishing fittings. We take particular care in materials selection, manufacturing and attention to detail, allowing high performances of employed equipment. As well as direct manufacturing of steels and plastic materials we take particular care searching for other products, like neoprene (synthetic rubber), high performance slings and any other fittings, relying on some italian craftsmen or trusting the best firms that produce other raw material. SIGALSUB is a firm strongly based on MADE IN ITALY; whole production is directly made in our country or relying on craftsmen's experiences and specialists on field. SIGALSUB realizes equipment made to measure on commission of his own customers, apart from the fittings on our catalogue. Every product is examined, tried and true for so long before it would be merchandized and put up for sale, still introducing new technical solutions and improving every detail. All this work is made in order to achieve the best quality and give the best service as possible to all our customers.

Simone Gallini