The new Nemesis RG combines all the winning qualities of the Nemesis with the Roller solution

The Nemesis RG (Roller Gun) speargun has one of its most innovative and performance aspects in the muzzle. The muzzle was designed to be light, resistant and with a compact design, so as to improve the balance and swing of the speargun. Made of glass-filled nylon, the muzzle weighs only 78 grams. This is achieved thanks to a design where the central part is the load-bearing part, while the lateral part is thinner because it has no strengthening function. In fact, it will be the axis of the rollers that provides the resistance and transversal rigidity.

The new roller head features a polished surface to facilitate the sliding of the lines. Furthermore, it features two self-lubricating rollers in POM, a material with exceptional wear resistance, which rotate on a stainless steel axis. The rollers are mounted with 5 tenths of a millimeter of play for maximum smoothness.

The barrel is made of Anticorodal aluminum alloy, with an external diameter of 28 millimeters and a thickness of 1 mm. The shaft guide is integrated.

The Roller propulsion system of the Nemesis RG involves the use of a pair of elastic bands that must first be hooked to a preload "mushroom" with a radiused base that fits perfectly with the frame of the speargun. This pin is positioned in the lower part of the speargun. The dyneema wishbone is then hooked to the preload fin of the shaft, and subsequently the elastics are hooked to the lower connection in front of the handle. Finally, the nose cone is attached to the last fin of the shaft. This system allows you to have a powerful and precise shot together with reduced recoil.
The release mechanism as well as the line release are the classic and successful ones of the Nemesis, and are made of stainless steel .

The Nemesis grip, already designed in the design phase to allow switching from a traditional propulsion system with circular elastics to a Roller/Inverter propulsion system, has an ergonomic structure with a non-slip thermorubber butt pad.
The Nemesis RG is sold ready for fishing, complete with the best Sigal Sub components.
6.5mm diameter HRC shaft and a pair of 16mm Reactive Brown elastics.
Available in 5 lengths: 76 cm – 82 cm – 92 cm – 104 cm – 116 cm.

Nemesis Coppia di gomme con Drill Asta HRC aletta sopra
RG 76
Alluminio - Ø16,0mm L 47cm
Carbonio - Ø16,0mm L 47cm
Alluminio - Ø6,5mm L 105cm
Carbonio - Ø6,75mm L 105cm
RG 82
Alluminio - Ø16,0mm L 51cm
Carbonio - Ø16,0mm L 51cm
Alluminio - Ø6,5mm L 110cm
Carbonio - Ø6,75mm L 110cm
RG 92
Alluminio - Ø16,0mm L 57cm
Carbonio - Ø16,0mm L 57cm
Alluminio - Ø6,5mm L 120cm
Carbonio - Ø6,75mm L 120cm
RG 104
Alluminio - Ø16,0mm L 63cm
Carbonio - Ø16,0mm L 63cm
Alluminio - Ø6,5mm L 130cm
Carbonio - Ø6,75mm L 130cm
RG 116
Alluminio - Ø16,0mm L 72cm
Carbonio - Ø16,0mm L 72cm
Alluminio - Ø6,5mm L 145cm
Carbonio - Ø6,75mm L 145cm
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