SigalSub products


Hydra wetsuit

Our new wetsuit with an innovative design, extreme softness, but also resistant with extensive protections

Comfort EVO gloves

Made of double-lined neoprene for maximum resistance, the Comfort EVO gloves are available in 3 thicknesses 1.5 – 3 and 5 mm

Black and Camu gloves

Gloves for hot climate or Summer period 2 mm thick

Shield gloves in Dyneema​

Excellent anti-cut protection even though it is only 1 mm thick

Comfort EVO 1.3 - 3 and 5 mm socks

Available in 3 thicknesses 1.5 – 3 and 5 mm

Ankle weights

Soft and comfortable 0.5kg weights that can be easily positioned on the ankles
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