Our new wetsuit with an innovative design, extreme softness, but also resistant with ample protections

The Sigalsub Hydra wetsuit aims to represent the highest quality for a standard wetsuit. Our wetsuit is made of Jako neoprene, which has a very high elasticity combined with a medium density. This material is the most recent compound from the Korean company, and represents maximum performance, especially in terms of softness. Despite this, this neoprene is extremely warm. The use of externally lined material allows for maximum protection and resistance, while the internal split determines excellent comfort and adherence to the body with consequent thermal protection.

The study of the cut of the suit was key during the development phases. The particular design of the chest and back, innovative on the market, was intended to facilitate breathing without creating constriction. The Hydra is thus also an extremely adaptable wetsuit.

The external pattern of the neoprene is innovative and combines the characteristics of color camouflage with that of image breakdown, to obtain the maximum concealment effect from fish. The red, brown and gold colors that are present on the black background represent neutral colors that blend very effectively with different seabeds, in particular the Mediterranean ones.

Of fundamental importance in the Sigalsub Hydra wetsuit is the arrangement of the protections on the forearms and knees. Made of resistant but very elastic Supratex, the reinforced areas have been designed extremely extensively, covering elbows, knees, but also a large part of the forearm and shin area. Furthermore, to best accommodate lurking among the rocks, the protections are oriented towards the inside of the arms and legs, and thus allow you to cling perfectly to the rocks.

Also key are the finishes of the wrists, ankles and hood, made of super elastic lycra so as not to tighten never too much, while remaining resistant and sealing well. Furthermore, the edges are made with gluing and a special stitching system which allows maximum elasticity and softness, therefore very high comfort.

The upper profile of the pants has a well-studied shape which perfectly covers the stomach and kidneys. At the same time, in the back the profile is slightly lowered to prevent the edge on the back from folding during dressing, creating air and water pockets that would limit comfort and thermal protection. The upper band of the trousers, 8.5 cm high, is made of sandwich neoprene, split internally and smooth externally. This solution makes the band resistant, but also well adherent, and therefore with a sealing effect, to the smooth internal split of the jacket.

The sternal protection has an externally covered non-slip silicone print. The design is very beautiful and made with different segments so as not to limit the elasticity of this area. Internally, an additional 3.5 mm thick neoprene cover ensures sternum protection when loading the speargun. A further detail is the profile of this cover cut at 45°, so as not to have steps in the internal surface of the jacket, and therefore ensure greater resistance and adherence to the body.

The beavertail jacket closure is made with a double clip, resistant and intuitive. The thickness of the neoprene is indicated on the lower right part of the jacket. The available thicknesses of the Hydra wetsuit are 3, 5 and 7 millimetres. Jacket and trousers can be purchased separately.

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